Members of Congress
(Excerpt from the Inaugural Address of the Meeting held in the auditorium of Sinsgate Congress, at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina, in 1976). Bradford Hoomerby had been appointed to preside: “Those who know me,”  began Hommerby, “know that I go straight to the point. Your role as officials, is to change your mind, and hence to side with those that go with the wind and the green paper. I have therefore decided to implement this broom of political coalitions that will evidence your tricks.” And thereafter, the sessions were carried out according to the custom of the West. “Do not forget the words of Mark Twain,” Hoomerby would shout loudly amid the din of music: “In the beginning God created idiots. It was for practice. Then, He created Members of Congress.” After 36 days Hoomerby Bradford was dismissed and the federal government stepped in congressional hearings.